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A new ERP for a ropeway company.

Banking System automation for co-operative banks in India.

Business process reengineering & development of SAAS ERP system for Ratel Ltd. Finland.

Development and Implementation of ERP system for a Real Estate Client in India.

Development and maintenance of ERP System for Microfinance Company in India

Development of a Hospital Management System for a Cancer Hospital in India

Development of Attendance Management for Advertisement Agency in India

Development of end to end Hospital Management System for a Hospital Chain.

Development of Hotel Management System for Hotel and Hospitality Chain in India

Development of Hotel Management System for Hotel and Hospitality Chain in India

Development of Education Management System for a Education Chain in India

TTPL ERP Solution -Manufacturing.

TTPL Managed Services.

TTPL Hospital Management System.

TTPL Infrastructure Management.

ERP for Manufacturing

The product:

This is a unique product for process based manufacturing industry that caters to Product Management, Sales Order Management, Resource Management, Management of production materials, Warehouse Management, Delivery Order Management and

  • Allows you to optimize your use of resources, minimize error-related losses and improve effectiveness
  • Serves your entire organization from the shop floor all the way to the top
  • Enables you to track your sales situation and production status in real time, based on real data

Key features:

  • Automatically updated Real-time resource management
  • Complex multi-stage production orders are shown in an easy-to-read single calendar view
  • Any effects that changes machine capacity impacting the production schedule are immediately visible
  • Human resource allocation to a production order depends on the skill profile, vacation plan of individuals and their work shift calendar
  • Graphical presentation of production chains and material availability
  • A special material statement view
  • Creation of production order without a sales order
  • The calculation of total warehouse value is based on real shipments instead of average values
  • Material logistics can be managed with a handheld device as well
  • Production status is shown in delivery orders view with clear color-coding
  • The system calculates and updates the estimated time of completion of a sales order in Real Time, based on production entries


  • Tracking your production efficiency in real time
  • You are constantly kept aware of the production status by the automatic Real time calculation functionality and production run updates
  • Through material statement view you can
    • view the selected materials as well as showing the withdrawals and deposits, like an account statement
    • See if the stocks of a material are running low. Traffic light symbols will alert you the shortages.
    • See the material availability for a production order
  • You can have a comparative view of material consumption same month last year, the year earlier and projection for this year
  • Clear traffic light symbols show you whether the sales orders are completed in time

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